Thursday, 31 January 2008


So, last night Puppy called the landlady to say "thank you for renting to us for all these years", and that we should be gone by the end of February, but it might be a week or two more. It's not a big deal as we've been here so long that she needs to replace a bunch of stuff (7 years of wear and tear will do that to any apartment). So a week here or there isn't an issue. we also signed more papers for the escrow company and packed up some more stuff for moving. I spoke to Mr. Recopacks himself and he was going to drop by yesterday, however he ran out of supplies so we rescheduled  for today at 4pm, yes that would make him late, but he was coming from LA, so I'll give him till 4:30 before calling. Anyway, I need to go do some more cleaning and baking, but there's another post to come on that topic. 


Anonymous said...

Hi This is dominic, where are you moving to???

Cat said...

Garden Grove