Tuesday, 29 January 2008


After work today (where I picked up some boxes) I made my way over to ReStore to check them out. They seemed like the big stuff was pricey and not too great quality, but maybe it was an off day. Then I headed over to the new house to meet up with the realtor, inspector and Puppy. When I get there our guy tells me the sellers rep is on the way with more papers to sign! 
Guess I'm hanging around, so much for my plans for the evening!
So she shows up and thank heavens I stayed, the signing went on forever!
Then the inspector delivered his report, the only worrying part is the roof, and it has a warranty so we will see what can be done.
Next we ate at The Main Street Cafe (formerly Kaye's Kitchen) and then headed back home with a brief detour for more boxes. When we got home we began to pack again. I chatted with Ms. Lisa and Shetan11 catching up with all the news, and received a Thank you card from Jacki's mom. Now it's bed time and I really must sleep. Night Night's!


Jacki said...

Where do you find your pictures??

Cat said...

Believe it or not, many come from Google image searches, others from the BBC or Guardian news sites. I've been collecting images for years.

Teachin' this mommy new tricks! said...

That little house is soooo cute!!!!!!